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As our first three were so good, I ftvplus suggested to my husband Dave, you should try again. Of course, David was not aware that our first three really was a group of five. I thought it would be another of our friends in the answer. Big Bill, his nickname was the ideal choice Dave said. So we were planning our next meeting along the same line as the first. Upon arrival at the hotel 2 hours before the meeting of our time, again gave me time for a little fun. Once again, Dave ftvplus was in bed and went to the bathroom to change. I had bought my soaking, shaved in the right places ftvplus and ftvplus sprayed me with an expensive perfume me Dave. My body was ready. I have a couple of fine denier hold ups, a thin black skirt and a blouse and short black, almost transparent. Once again, I had no underwear and I was always thinking only of what had become of me for the rest of the night. went to a bar about half an hour before Bill came over and started drinking. By timand has three wine he ftvplus had drunk vodka and Coca -Cola. David shook his hand, Bill and Bill came to me, give me a hug Strugglin, gto, put my feet and, of course, Bill had seen more than they should ftvplus at that time gave him a hug. The embrace was, as Bill said, and his hand fell on my ass before he left and sit down. Furthermore, since Bill was a friend who was not charged on a call and we talked about at least 90 minutes. Bill asked if we discover that the hotel had a game room with pool table itself. Dave thought it would be nice to have a game before he retired. movement was a sign on the door and pushed Bill Roomin say not to use any income. I thought nothing of thisat time. We entered and in the center of the room was a full size pool table. Bill put on the table, lights off at the same time puttin ghte rest of the lights. Then he made the balls. David asked who first said Bill, and me. I had never plaployees pool before and it would be fun. I took it and lined up the cue ball. Bill said you can not do so I will show how, and he came behind me and helped position for the shot. I was very surprised when I felt him rubbing against me, so that 's why they call big Bill. We played a few balls, 'help' Bill time. Dave suggested that we should have a round of drinks and went to the counter. Now was my chance and I knew that Bill would be there to help. What was not expected to lift my skirt and put his finger in my vagina. I was surprised, but do ftvplus not complain. Was pumped into me and started to come. When I came to David arrived with drinks and not realize what happened. He followed his time Bill and Dave. It was my turn again, and Bill was there to help. Dave was on the other end of the table and return to my surprise when I was in line, said Bill Finger. I could ftvplus not believe that ftvplus dOink twigging this without Dave. It's amazing how long it takes to create a vaccine, if you have a finger in her pussy. The game continued and was goin gto Dave the toilet. Now the bathroom is a good 3 or 4 minutes of the game room. The door closed, Bill grabbed me, pushed me back on the table, lifted my skirt and pulled opened his monsters. It was as hard as a stone, and pushed right into me, like no business pumping the body. I was mad, just thinking about it, every second that we can not only Dave, but everyone wanted to play pool are trapped. It was great, Bill got into zip and just before David came back into the room. Fortunately, this bill was the time at the other end of the table, and I was in a chair see also We finished our game and it was time to go to our rooms. We were all together, Dave goujng first, followed by me and then Bill. We have not put a ftvplus light on. David took her hand, we moved Towads bed. Dave took me in his arms and started kissing me. Bill came up behind me and immediately opened the side and dropped to the ground, SCAME hand around the front and buttoned my shirt and dropped it on the floor. Here I was, ftvplus naked, apart from ftvplus my invasions and my high heels. Bill suggested that since I had gotten a bigger penis than Dave Dave immediately and told to undress, while he was working on my emotion. Once again, the big fingers in my pussy getting wet and took me to a climax immediately. David was consummated and she was naked in bed, waiting to jump GForest me. I first would play a little and began to caress his balls and started to masturbate. I have to decide then that I took him in my mouth and fell upon him. Bill could not hold back and see a pussy open, welcoming, pushing his cock inside me again. Here we find one of our best friends screw me silly for a second time and mand not even smell my pussy man. Due to the size and intensity of Bill, who was sucking more and more difficult in Dave 's cock and went fairly quickly. Graspin opportunity GInsert me about Bill and I began to fuck more. I must have come 3 or 4 times before it finally arrived. Bill announced shortly after he would have to go now, because his wife would be worried. And we left. David was playing and wanted to sleep. As with our first three were still alive and well and wanted more. So I went to the bar, where I have more, but that's for another time.
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